Freelance business writer and blogger specializing in entrepreneurship, small business and personal finance topics. Also produces marketing copy for web and print, and recently began a parenting blog.

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About Us | Durham Community Preschool | Part-time Child Care for 6 months to pre-K

Durham Community Preschool (DCP) is a half-day pres...

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How to Conduct an Interview Without Someone Knowing They Are Being Interviewed

Identifying quality candidates to work for your organization through informal or unstructured interviewing can reveal more about someone's personality than...

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Christian Career Help

As a devout Christian, you look to God for direction in every aspect of your life, including your career. One...

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Donations to Help the Kids of Soldiers

Your donations to kids in the military will encoura...

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When Can I Throw Out Old Financial Statements?

Shredding is the best way to throw out old financia...

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How to Change the Structure of a Business | eHow

When its nature of business changes, a company may consider changing its business structure. Many companies start as sole proprietorship...

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Cardinal Rules

Before Your Business Partnership Goes Bad - Cardinal Rules

Written by Yolanda on October 15, 2010 in Grow You - 3 Comments ... Kesha Brown October 25, 2011 at...

Cardinal Rules

About Us - Cardinal Rules

Yolanda Brown has coached and consulted entrepreneurs since 2003. She has directly helped over 100 entrepreneurs across the Southeast U.S....

Adventures in Single Parenting

About | Adventures in Single Parenting

Founded and authored by Yolanda Brown, this blog represents her personal views and opinions only. You can follow her on...

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Adventures in Single Parenting

Motivation Monday: Be Awesome

Aug 19, 2013 ... Founded and authored by Yolanda Brown, this blog represents her personal views and opinions only. You...

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Durham-based Spoonflower wins contest on Facebook

Spoonflower, a fabric design and printing service, is one of five winners in the Facebook Big Break for Business contest...

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What Are the Major Criticisms of Boards of Directors?

The board of directors is tasked with setting the mission, strategy and policies of for-profit and non-profit corporations. As a...

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Examples of How to Advertise in Emails

A large email subscriber list is seen as gold for marketers since it is cheap to create and profitable when...

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Difference Between Business Planning and Annual Work Plans

Business planning provides overarching goals for your company to achieve over a long period of time. Annual work plans are...

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Mission Statement Vs. Business Continuity Plan

Mission statements and business continuity plans are different documents with similar purposes. Your mission statement gives your company direction for...